Tim Korytkowski

FL LIC – HI10367

Have the confidence that you own your home.... NOT the other way around! Good information and action early on may prevent small issues that you may not even have thought about from growing into a costly repair later on. 

When you are buying a home you have many things to handle. Get a perspective on the systems of your home that operate “behind the curtain” from someone who reviews them every day. From landscape drains, to HVAC systems, to electrical and up on the roof and in the attic, there are comfort and protection items that should be examined yearly, but rarely get a look until there is a problem. It doesn’t have to be that way for YOU! 

Get a review from a reputable home inspector! Ethical inspectors don't push you to make repairs. We charge a simple reasonable fee to get uncomfortable in attics and crawlspaces so you know if things are installed in the right places and appear functional. We tell you if we see a problem because we are not interested in a specific result. Just like the umpire at the ball game we “call them like we see them”.

It helps homeowners and homeowners-to-be get informed so they can make their home more comfortable, more safe, more enjoyable, more adapted to their specific lifestyle and family needs. If your home hasn’t had a checkup in a while it’s well worth the cost to give it an updated review TODAY!